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(Below) Visible camera image in the OMEGA-EP interaction chamber of one of our magnetized-LPI shots. Date: January 20th, 2022.

(Right) Poster and oral presentations of CMEC team members during the Omega Laser User Group (OLUG) meeting in Rochester, NY on April 27th-29th, 2022. From top to bottom and left to right: Dr. Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux (UCSD), Alemayehu Bogale (UCSD), Tanner Cordova (UCSD), Dr. Simon Bolaños (UCSD), Jacob Saret (UCSD), and Dr. Petros Tzeferacos.

(Above) Photo of the team at OMEGA-EP during the magnetized-LPI shot day on January 20th, 2022. Dr. Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux (UCSD), Dr. Mario Manuel (GA), Dr. Simon Bolaños (UCSD), Alemayehu Bogale (UCSD), Jacob Saret (UCSD), and Dr. Mingsheng Wei (LLE).

(Left) Photo of UCSD CMEC members during the Omega Laser User Group (OLUG) meeting in Rochester, NY on April 27th-29th, 2022. Dr. Simon Bolaños, Dr. Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux, Dr. Pia Valdivia, Tanner Cordova and Jacob Saret.


Screen shots (1-3) from the 2021 HEDS Summer School, which was held entirely online. (1-Below) Sarah Stewart (UC Davis) teaching the a workshop on "Fundamentals and Recent Results in Planetary Science".

(2-Above) Stephanie Hansen's (Sandia National Laboratories) talk on "Atomic and Radiation Physics".

(3-Below) Adam Frank's (U of Rochester) talk on "Shocks Relevant to Astrophysics".

B. Militzer seminar via Zoom (February 3, 2021)

J. Pilgram SSAP poster presentation screen shot (January 26, 2021)


CMEC graduate student, Aspara Williams, working in the lab at UC San Diego (September 2020).

Images below and to the right.

CMEC team meeting held via Zoom (August 2020).

Grad Student, Shu Zhang, Wins Best Poster at SSAP Symposium

February 26-27, 2020


UC San Diego students and post-doctoral scholars working on the magnetized laser plasma interactions experiment at the Titan laser at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (2019)

2019 Summer School students at a poster session.

Florida A&M Graduate student, Georges Jaar, presenting research at the 2019 HEDS Summer School.

2019 Summer School students attending a lecture on Laser Plasma Instabilities by Dr. Warren Mori of UCLA.

2019 Summer School students attending the Hydro Workshop at UC San Diego.

Graduate student Aspara Williams preparing for wire array target to be tested on pulse power device. (2019)

Sarah Stewart, Erik Davies (graduate student), Kaitlyn Amodeo (graduate student), and Megan Duncan (postdoc) at UC Davis. (This photo was taken by MacArthur and is available for use under their Creative Commons license:
hcps://; 2019)

Graduate students Nick Aybar and Aspara Williams are working on connecting the capacitors in 1 mega amp pulse power driver in the Beg Laboratory. (2019)

Graduate students Aspara Williams and Nick Aybar are aligning the laser for the interferometry set-up in the Beg Laboratory. (2019)

05/01/19 LLNL Visit

Marc Meyers and Lab

UC San Diego graduate student Gaia Righi adjusts a target in the Janus laser at Livermore’s Jupiter Laser Facility. (2019)

Shearing interferometry is used to capture a snapshot of the plasma created behind a laser with intensity of a billion watts per square micrometer. The Center for Matter under Extreme Conditions is studying the onset of laser plasma instabilities such as Stimulated Raman Scatter for this high intensity and the role that magnetic fields could play in controlling these instabilities in inertial confinement fusion scenarios. (2018)

Image Credit: Joe Strehlow

05/01/2019 LLNL Visit

Marc Meyers and Lab