Education & Training

Training the Next Generation of Scientists

CMEC actively recruits undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Trainees are paired with collaborators at NNSA laboratories, where they are strongly encouraged to seek support and funding through the NNSA laboratory throughout their degrees. By forming these connections, students are able to produce cutting edge research in this field while also developing connections to ensure their own future employment by NNSA laboratories.

We have also nurtured close collaborations with multiple DOE/NNSA scientists on topics of mutual scientific and technical interest. The goals of the interactions are for students and postdoctoral scholars to have positive collaborative experiences and exciting science results. All Center PIs encourage their trainees in pursuit of career opportunities at the DOE labs, and DOE scientists are invited to speak locally.

Summer Opportunities

We also offer summer educational and training programs open to students, post-doctoral scholars and professionals from around the country.  Click on the links below to learn more about each program.