The Constellation Undergraduate Summer Program (CUSP)

This program occurs bi-annually in the summer at UC San Diego. To learn more and for application information, please visit the CUSP website.

The Constellation Undergraduate Summer Program (CUSP) is an REU program that provides undergraduate research opportunities to work in High Energy Density Physics (HEDP).

  • The Program goals are to recruit and train next generation of scientists to HEDP and related fields in energy sector and increase diversity of workforce.

  • The Constellation Fellows are paired with host mentors that are some of the world’s pioneers and leaders in HEDP that comprise a nationwide network including UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, the University of Chicago, and Florida A&M University.

  • Research projects are related to the experimental, theoretical and computational study of material properties and energy transport of matter under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. This research provides a unique blend of Fusion Energy Sciences, Computational & Experimental Plasma Physics, Nuclear Physics, Planetary Science and Astrophysics and employs some of the nation’s fastest supercomputers and cutting-edge facilities related to understanding matter under extreme conditions.